source: metadata/trunk/toolkit/src/main/resources/toolkit/sch/cmd-component-best-practices.sch @ 6907

Last change on this file since 6907 was 6907, checked in by Menzo Windhouwer, 9 years ago

M toolkit/src/main/resources/toolkit/upgrade/cmd-record-1_1-to-1_2.xsl

  • unescaped escaped CMDI 1.2 attributes
  • warn when a @ref contains multiple resource proxy references, and use only the first one

M toolkit/src/main/resources/toolkit/downgrade/cmd-component-1_2-to-1_1.xsl

  • escape attributes that would clash with CMDI 1.1 reserved attributes

M toolkit/src/main/resources/toolkit/xsd/cmd-component.xsd
A toolkit/src/main/resources/toolkit/sch/cmd-component-best-practices.sch

  • moved Schematron rules which are validate best practices

M toolkit/src/test/java/eu/clarin/cmd/toolkit/

  • removed obsolete commented out code
File size: 707 bytes
1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<sch:schema xmlns:sch="" queryBinding="xslt2">
3    <sch:ns uri="" prefix="cmd"/>
4    <sch:ns uri="" prefix="xsi"/>
6    <sch:pattern id="c_nest">
7        <sch:title>Check nesting</sch:title>
8        <sch:rule context="Component[exists(Component|Element)]" role="warning">
9            <sch:assert test="empty((Component|Element)[@name=current()/@name])">A nested component or element has the same name ('<sch:value-of select="@name"/>') as this component! Please, consider to rename one of them.</sch:assert>
10        </sch:rule>
11    </sch:pattern>
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