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01/26/16 14:42:24 (8 years ago)
Menzo Windhouwer

M toolkit/src/main/resources/toolkit/xsd/cmd-component.xsd
M toolkit/src/main/resources/toolkit/upgrade/cmd-component-1_1-to-1_2.xsl
M toolkit/src/main/resources/toolkit/downgrade/cmd-component-1_2-to-1_1.xsl

  • added @CMDVersion and @CMDOriginalVersion

M toolkit/src/test/resources/toolkit/CMD/profiles/components-invalid.xml
M toolkit/src/test/resources/toolkit/successor/profiles/successor-valid.xml
M toolkit/src/test/resources/toolkit/successor/profiles/successor-invalid.xml
M toolkit/src/test/resources/toolkit/Adelheid/profiles/

  • added @CMDVersion="1.2"

AM toolkit/src/test/resources/temp/general-component-schema.xsd

  • temporary CMDI 1.1 component schema containing the xsl:key optimization

-> speeds up the CMDI 1.2 downgrade tests

M toolkit/src/main/resources/toolkit/upgrade/cmd-record-1_1-to-1_2.xsl

  • check if the profile is native CMD 1.2 so we need to refer to the 1.1/1.2/xsd
  • for testing purposes the profile spec can also be passed as a parameter, if not its fetched from the CR
  • the XPaths dealing with the profiles cope with both 1.1 and 1.2

M toolkit/src/test/java/eu/clarin/cmd/toolkit/

  • pass on the profile spec to the upgrade record actions
  • use the temporary 1.1 general-component-schema.xsd for the downgrade tests
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