Style Guide

The CLARIN house style has been developed. It is described here 1. While the logo remains, it differs significantly from the previous style used by and the existing printed material (posters, flyers). This is on purpose: the idea of this style update is to give a more dynamic impression.

Human interface guidelines

Human interface guidelines are available via the Interface guidelines project (GitHub) and among the CLARIN-PLUS deliverables.

CSS and styling of web applications

The base style project on GitHub implements a Bootstrap/LESS based common style for CLARIN applications based on the interface guidelines. This style is used in the following application/websites:

Various distributions (compiled as well as LESS sources) of the style are available via the project page (see releases for stable distributions).

Similar styles (but different implementations) are in use by

High resolution image files of various variations of the CLARIN logo are available at the CLARIN community logos page.

Transparent versions (more or less officially sanctioned):

Previous discussions


The Tango collection is available in the public domain (no attribution required) and is mainly using the blue/gray colour scheme of CLARIN.

Some first suggestions:

Alternatively, icons could be sourced from Font Awesome. The license seems to be quite permissive but we need to check if derivation is completely ok.

Comment (Jörg Knappen): I think the fontawesome "globe" is unsuitable for a European project: it shows a "globe" consisting only of the North American continent.

Terminology and usablity

Comment (Jörg Knappen) I have read the discussion quoted above and I am not sure about it, because of the "sign up" (= register) and "sign in" (=login) confusability.



1 Original style guide was published, as delivered by Studio Velmans, at

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