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  • reusable elements: for elements that can be re-used in various components, is there a way of storing them somewhere, so that you don’t have to repeat, for instance, the controlled vocabulary or the pattern for its values?
  • elements + isoCat: I have noticed that when you enter an isoCat concept link for an element, it does not inherit any of the properties of this data category from the isoCat, correct? For instance, if it’s a closed element (e.g. “smoker”), the set of values from the isoCat are not transferred to the element in the Component Registry. Is there a way of doing this automatically?
  • choice of components: is there a way of encoding choice of a component? For instance, in this profile you can choose between an X and a Y component but only one of them can and should be present in the profile?
  • inclusion of components inside components: I have seen that you can include components in two ways:

(a) by adding a component and specifying all the elements that should be included in this, in which case you add a name for the component;

(b) by dragging an existing component from the table to the edit canvas; in this case, the componentId is used instead of the name and you don’t have to add the elements.

Is there a way of adding an existing component and “altering” its name? For instance, we have the same component (personInfo) for adding data for all persons, regardless of their role (e.g. contact persons, copyright holders etc.). In each component that a person can be added, we give in the XSD the name of the element and the type of the personInfo component, e.g.

<xs:element name="contactPerson" type="ms:personInfoType" maxOccurs="unbounded">

Is there a way of doing something similar in the component registry?

  • ordering of elements and components: I’ve seen that you can move up and down elements between them but I couldn’t move a component in between elements. Is there a way of doing this?