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Federated Search

This collects resources related to the Federated Search working group as part of the CLARIN European Demo Case undertaking. On these pages "Federated search" is considered from the user perspective. i.e. the pages deal with details of SRU/CQL protocol and query specifications. Information related to development, like code structure and sources and deployment issues, is given on tla-wiki a CQLSearch page (within mpi developers "Federated search" is named "CQLSearch", referring to its implementation).

There is a rather comprehensive discussion paper under: FederatedSearch/docs/FederatedSearch.docx
that tries to collect all the previous information, and has been circulated and reviewed within the group in the period Feb - May 2011. However this document is almost 50 pages, with many comments and open questions yet and - being a Word-document - difficult to edit collaboratively, thus in the next phase (starting with the Nijmegen workshop 2011-05-09), we want to transfer parts of this document into (separate) wiki-pages, to then continue developing this material collaboratively towards a more concise specification.

Following are the main sections:

"Living" version of the specification of the interface that Content Provider willing to join the federated search have to implement. This builds upon the SRU/CQL protocol, but concentrates mainly on the specific agreements on top of the protocol. There is also still the previous version FCS-spec for reference. FCS-FeatureMatrix shall be a more compact summary of the individual features, but is not yet updated to the current version of the spec. There is a draft of the schema for inner structure of the returned records
Query Language
a separate page should elaborate on the query language (CQL) as provided by the protocol, plus the discussed extensions. There is an old page to this topic (QueryLanguage), but it has to be reviewed and updated.
Specification and implementation-related notes for the aggregating (metasearching) component/service.
a separate page should be devoted to the issue of announcing the Repositories and their capabilities (see FCS-FeatureMatrix)
Events of interest to the FCS group
To collect and discuss tasks and assignements

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