Present: Paul van Dijk ( Special Guest from SurfSara), Jozef Misutka, Krista Liin, Sander Maijers, Willem Elbers, Dieter Van Uytvanck, Martin Matthiesen (minutes)

1. Agenda

1.1. Adoption of the agenda

We added the last point about the status of the Clarin IdP to the agenda.

1.2. Aaggreg (30 min, Jozef)

Short presentation of


Decision: We agreed that Jozef offers this to all SPF SPs.

Martin to test this, also Bergen. The tool is considered important moving forward.

1.3. Attribute Release: Sustainable interfederation trust (all, 35 minutes)

1.3.1. Known problems

This mostly concerns eduGAIN but also the SPF in certain countries.

  • Legal: Differing interpretations of laws
  • Resources: Required technical changes require expertise, time. Mistakes can lead to downtime for existing services.
  • Priorities: Requests for Attribute Release from Clarin concerns often only a small number of local users.
  • Services: Chicken/Egg? problem: Internationalisation of existing SPs has limited return of investment.

1.3.2. Approaches to overcome problems

  • SPF: Works well in some countries, less so in others. At least we have the same problems than national SPs.
  • Individual connect: takes from 1 day to 2 months, sometimes countless emails. Does not scale.
  • Lobbying national federations. Helped somewhat.
  • Lobbying eduGAIN. There is still discussion in eduGAIN whether eduGAIN should and can help here.
  • Developing services regardless of problems, using Clarin IdP as fallback.

1.3.3. Discussion points

AAI discussions often take place in settings where people present have limited possibilities of making changes happen. How can we overcome this?

  • Contacting IdPs? higher up in the hierarchy, supported by requests from users.
  • We will keep in touch with Paul.

1.4. Migration of Clarin IdP (Jozef, 25 minutes)

LDAP endpoint ready, dockerized, integrated with Clarin services.

Testing instance in development.

2. Action points

  • Jozef to publish aaggreg to SPF.
  • Martin will implement it and try to make it compatible with the Attribute Checker.

Follow-up meeting

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