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Joint CMDI & Curation taskforces virtual meeting 2018-04-05

  • What?
    • CMDI 1.2 best practices
  • Who?
    • Members of the CMDI or the Curation taskforces and other people involved/interested in the specification of best practices for CMDI
  • When?
    • 5 April 2018, 14:00 - 16:00 CEST (on basis of doodle)
  • Where?






GitBook alternatives

  • HackMD (Susanne)
    • Looks quite straightforward
    • Everyone has an account, there is a history
    • Colour scheme for collaboration.
    • View with markdown
    • Markdown comments
    • Syntax highlighting for code snippets
    • Features added in pro version probably not needed
    • Publishing: export to Gist
    • Might get more messy, no change requests
    • Susanne will try to import, publish
  • StackEdit (Thomas)
    • Google doc syncing worked
    • GitHub syncing did not work but should
    • Export to HTML (and PDF in 'sponsored' mode)
    • Thomas will test some more
  • New GitBook
    • available now
    • books can be converted to new GitBook
    • Twan will test with a fork of our book

Susanne, Thomas, Twan will report at the next meeting


  • Menzo: align with generic concepts (CCR coordinators)
  • BLAM
    • We will get in touch with Felix et al to see if they are interested in discussing this further

Common approaches section

Sections that have been worked on:

  • Modelling for metadata conversion (merge next time?)
  • Optimising for discoverability (perhaps turn into CAC submission)
  • Dealing with changes
  • Multilingual metadata


  • #24 priority of C13 and C14 has to be aligned (both high), Menzo will take care of this and add some text to indicate that missing concepts should be requested