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#415 Two different TimeCoverage components assigned Twan Goosen defect major
#702 Create CMDI-profile/-components specifically for the VLO assigned, task major
#704 VLO data provider level documentation new task major
#789 VLO exposes to little meta-data / too much data new, Jozef Mišutka,, Twan Goosen, defect major
#1009 BBAW - teiHeader - licensing info missing assigned Twan Goosen,,, Christian Thomas,,, defect major
#1011 BBAW - teiHeader - bad curation score assigned Twan Goosen,,, Christian Thomas,, defect major
#391 Decide on 'Content search in result set' feature assigned,,,, kisler Twan Goosen task minor
#721 Produce bookmarkable links with Ajax updates assigned Twan Goosen enhancement minor
#791 Support Sitelinks search box assigned Twan Goosen enhancement minor
#872 vlo-beta: Combined search (search term + facet) does not order the search resualts correctly assigned enhancement minor
#527 Proposes similar facet values in case of no matches assigned Twan Goosen enhancement trivial
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