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     1Dear Dieter and Lari,
     3Following Hyeon I would like to thank you alos for this work, important for us.
     5When looking more carefully to the files you have automatically generated out of the OLAC, some questions appears :
     7- Mulce appears to have no country nor continent. Where do you get this information out of ? In fact we do have such information in the head of our Olac file here (global information for the repository,not for every corpus)  :
     9<olac-archive currentAsOf="2011-12-31" type="personal" xsi:schemaLocation=""><archiveURL></archiveURL><participant name="Thierry Chanier" role="Publications Manager" email=""/><participant name="Christophe Reffay" role="Curator" email=""/><participant name="Marie-Laure Betbeder" role="Contributor" email=""/><participant name="Maud Ciekanski" role="Contributor" email=""/><participant name="Marie-Noelle Lamy" role="Contributor" email=""/> <institution>Universite Blaise Pascal</institution><institutionURL> </institutionURL><shortLocation>Clermont-Ferrand, France</shortLocation>
     11- If you were looking for this information for each corpus where do you expect to find it ? In which element ?
     13- as regards the "organisation" you seem to have copied the infiomation out of the field "creator : olac : compiler". Is this always the case ? If yes we will modify it beacause it is unreadable. In fact we use the VCARD format and the organisaiotn is attached to ORG: . But we can add another compiler element more readable.
     15I notice other problems with other corpara (not ours) with respects to the language information, a very important information (languages used in the corpora may be wrongly described because of an incorrect automatic extraction made by Clarin, altough the original metadata files were correct). But I will tell you another time, if you are interested.
     17Thank you in advance for your answers.