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     2> now I just got back to the CMDI profiles once again, trying to
     3> incorporate some of the components or DCs the BAS and/or Tübingen
     4> profiles use to assure we at least have something in common although
     5> nobody knows how that part works yet:) Anyway, again I stumbled upon
     6> something: The component cmdi-access used in cmdi-COLLECTION is - I
     7> guess - one of those old "hand-made" components (in fact there are a
     8> lot of those old cmdi-something components) and for the element
     9> Availability, the cardinality is 1-1 in the component registry as View
     10> or XML, but 1-unbounded if I download the XSD for e.g. the
     11> SpeechCorpusProfile or the media-corpus-profile using this component.
     12Hi Hana,
     14Good observation. In this case it is because the multilinguality flag of
     15Availability is true. This always makes an element repeatable, even if
     16MaxOccurrences is set to a fixed value (like 1). I added a note about
     17this to the relevant FAQ:
     21> The same thing applies for the cmdi-totalsize component's Element
     22> SizeUnit. In this case however the cardinality 1-1 seems to be more
     23> adequate, i.e. the one displayed in the component registry, not the
     24> one in the schema.
     25This is the same case.
     27> For all but the Validation element in
     28> cmdi-validation, the component registry says 0-1 and the schema says
     29> 0-unbounded. I suppose in the end the schema counts, but I was just
     30> wondering if someone has checked all these cmdi-something components
     31> for these old cardinality errors (if that's even the problem here, I
     32> can't really remember if this is the same behaviour). I haven't, and
     33> these might be extremely rare cases or not, I don't know. If these old
     34> components still need some correcting maybe someone should have a look
     35> at it before we start creating CMDI instances and/or CMDI generating
     36> stylesheets at the centres?
     37The most serious result of enabling the multilinguality option is indeed
     38that a field might be repeated, even if the profile creator fixed it to
     39a max nr.
     41@Twan: maybe we can grey out the MaxCardinality in the component editor
     42when someone selects multilingual? That would alert the modeller
     43immediately about the effects.
     47related question, same source:
     50> another thing I was wondering about is the fact that some components
     51> (OriginLocation in the cmdi-COLLECTION component, the TimeCoverage
     52> component in the cmdi-generalinfo and the BirthCountry component of
     53> cmdi-actor) don't seem to have component ids, and can't be found when
     54> searching the registry. Are they somehow "private" components that
     55> shouldn't be reused on their own or has the component id simply been
     56> lost somewhere along the way? I wanted to reuse the BirthCountry
     57> component, but *not* the entire "parent" Actor component, but I don't
     58> know if this should be possible (I suppose I could save the cmdi-actor
     59> as our new component and the adapt this one, but this includes a bit
     60> more work than I wanted, since I already have a component...). And the
     61> lack of component ids might be problematic for future
     62> harvesting/searching?
     63Hi Hana,
     65these are embedded components; it is indeed possible to include a
     66component that does not exists as a separate entity in another
     67component. If you want to use such a component nevertheless, you will
     68need to make a copy of the containing component, remove the useless
     69elements/components and store it as a new component.