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CMDI best practice guide

Goal of this document: giving a good insight in the process of metadata modelling with CMDI.


  • 16 May - 1 June: collecting suggestions and a skeleton structure on this trac page
  • 2 June: finalize skeleton and distribute writing of sections
  • 2 June - 30 June: author a first version
  • 1 July: decide if the current version is good enough for publication (if so: publish it at
  • 1 July - 31 August: next iteration

Some ideas for sections

introduction to CMDI

updated version of

how to choose components and profiles

reference to the CmdiRecommendedComponents (list needs to be double-checked and updated)

conversion and migration

some information available in the FAQ section:

modelling do's and dont's

information (including examples) about:

  • normalisation
  • hierarchies, inheritance
  • metadata versus data

This section could re-use information from the granularity document

quality check-list

see also Taskforces/Curation

  • is the CMDI file schema-valid?
  • are the header fields complete?
    • is there a uniqe MdSelfLink?
    • is there an MdCollectionDisplayName?
  • does it contain ResourceProxy elements?
    • is there a link to a LandingPage when available?
    • is there an indication of the mime type?
  • is the file too big to be useful? (> suggest higher granularity)
  • sparseness: what about files that hardly contain any information?
  • what is the information entropy? (> lots of very similar files might be an indication of a suboptimal modelling)
  • ...