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Virtual Language Observatory (VLO)

Versions and deployment plan

Versionin testing (@RZG)in betain productionMilestoneChanges
3.0 (development) beta3
(planned 2014-05) milestone CHANGES
2.18 (current) 2014-01-17 2014-02-06 milestone CHANGES
2.17 2013-11-12 2013-11-15 milestone 2.17
2.16 2013-10-24 2013-11-04 milestone CHANGES
2.15 rolled back to 2.14 (memory problems) rolled back to 2.14 (memory problems) CHANGES
2.14 May 2013 June 2014 CHANGES


link to all open VLO tickets

deployment environments

Environment Location Configuration
Beta deleteAllFirst: true
Production deleteAllFirst: false
maxDaysInSolr: 7

technology used

  • SOLR for the backend
  • wicket for the front-end
  • CMDI for the input

data sources

mapping CMDI > VLO fields and facets


which is based on

White/Blacklist? as suggested by CLARIN-D centres: ManualMapping

VLO Taskforce (CLARIN-D)

VLO Taskforce?



  • In general: see this paper for an overview about how the VLO works

language codes

Demo scenario

Google Earth > Language Information > Hoava > Hoava data > lexicon > nice scanned word lists

Multimodal Corpus: VLO: search 'SVC', select 'SVC' from result list and look at Corpus information and Metadata, maybe click on first Link to landing page in BAS repo, go back to result list (Back-Button), select 'i003' from result list, scroll down in link list to the second movie link (type mpg), click on it and authentify via AAI, movie plays.

Corpus of printed historical texts (Deutsches Textarchiv): Country: Germany > Collection: Deutsches Textarchiv > Genre: Gebrauchsliteratur (= functional literature) > name: Davidis, Henriette: Praktisches Kochbuch für die gewöhnliche und feinere Küche. 4. Aufl. Bielefeld, 1849. > Follow link to Landing Page

inspiration sources

OLAC facet browser: