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Component registry FLEX interface (BrowserGui)

This part of the Component Registry and Editor is a graphical interface to the Component Registry REST service with added graphical editing features for components and profiles.

The production version of the BrowserGui is available online at


  1. Component registry FLEX interface (BrowserGui)
    1. Contents
    2. Getting code
    3. Building and Deploying
      1. Building
      2. Deployment
    4. Developing in FlashBuilder
      1. Debugging
    5. Design
    6. Usage
      1. Browse
      2. Edit
      3. Import

Getting code

Building and Deploying


The BrowserGui is part of the modular Maven project ComponentRegistry. The module can be built separately without any internal dependencies (this is not the case for the REST service, which depends on the BrowserGui).

The BrowserGui can be built using Maven. The project is configured to use FlexMojos for building the Flex application from source. Alternatively, the project can be built manually using the Flex SDK, optionally wrapped by Adobe Flash Builder.


The BrowserGui is a client application that has to be embedded in a web page. For it to work properly, some parameters have to be passed to it. The REST service package contains a single JSP page in the root of the web app directory that takes care of it. So deploying the REST service will automatically deploy the BrowserGui as well.

Developing in FlashBuilder

A FlashBuilder project can be generated using a maven target. Instructions for this can be found in the README file of the project under Creating initial setup files. Please carefully read these instructions before you get started. After generation of the project files, the project can be opened in the Eclipse-based FlashBuilder from Adobe (free educational license) .


For instructions on debugging the Flash UI, in particular the parts that require authentication, consult the README file.





The interface display three main views that can be selected in the top menu : "Browse", "Edit", "Import"

Editor and import features will be disabled until the use has authenticated.


Will allow the user to select Profiles or Components. Clicking on either of them show all the registered Profiles or Components as a list. The selection of an item in the list will fill in the below panel with information about the selected profile or component.


The editor view allows the user to create a new Profile/Component or edit an already existing Profile/Component.


This last button Import, as stated by the name is straight forward. The user can register components and profiles as xml files from the user files system.

More information is available in the ComponentRegistry manual.

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