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    2121* Planning
    2222* ...
     24== Meeting notes ==
     25== Specification ==
     27* Some of the definitions need to be checked/finalised:
     28 * 'Digital object' -  is it needed? Only used in definition of 'PID'
     29 * XML document, XML element declaration, XML attribute declaration require a definition, probably by means of a reference to an official W3C document
     30  * ([])
     31  * 'Described resource' as it is used in the section "The Structure of CMDI files" - possibly we could come up with an alternative term that does not use the term "resource", as there seems to be some potential for confusion
     32* Desirable additions in other sections
     33 * Cycles are disallowed in the component hierarchy (CCSL, section "CMDI component definition")
     34 * Imported vocabularies can get out of sync with referenced original external vocabularies (CCSL)
     35* Schedule
     36 * Specification will stay in edit mode on Google docs until the end of week 2
     37 * After this, this version will be merged back into the wiki page
     38 * A new version will be available for comments and suggestions after this until the next meeting
     39* Menzo will check whether this new version is aligned with the current set of schematron rules
     41== Toolkit ==
     43* Currently working on downgrade xslt for component specs started
     44* `@ref` attributes are allowed on elements (also in CMDI 1.1)
     45* Todo: tests for component downgrade and "re-upgrade"
     46* Todo: stylesheet CLAVAS Skos to enumeration (for closed vocabularies from external vocabularies)
     47 * Note: this process should be under command of the metadata modeler
     48   * manual update with warning at time of publication
     49   * Possibility to detach from the external vocabulary
     50* More test cases needed!
     51 * Most lacking: (erroneous) cases for CMDI 1.2 features
     53== Schedule ==
     54A new version of the spec for commenting and editing will become available in the week of 18 February (see above).
     56A follow-up virtual meeting will take place in the beginning of February - a doodle will be created to pick an exact date and time.