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Metadata Curation taskforce

Goals (non-exhaustive)

Primary concern of this taskforce is the quality of the CMD records (i.e. instances), especially wrt to their purpose of resource discovery. However the quality of the schemas/profiles obviously plays a role.

Towards this goal, next to regularly manually checking the harvested metadata (in the VLO) and analyzing problems, work is planned on automatic checks of the md records (working towards a Metadata Quality Assessement Service) and curation of the values in selected facets/fields/data categories (e.g. organization name).

Public website


Documents and wiki pages



  • Coordinator: Matej Ďurčo
  • Uwe Reichel, Florian Schiel
  • Axel Herold
  • Neeme Kahusk
  • Lene Offersgaard
  • Hanna Hedeland
  • Kerstin Eckart / Jens Stegmann
  • Jozef Misutka / Pavel Straňák
  • Sander Maijers
  • Jussi Piitulainen

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