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SCCTC Federated Content Search Task Force (FCS TF)

Goals (non-exhaustive)

  • Writing specifications and documentation
  • Working on domain-specific pilots (eg POS-tagged texts, multimedia data, ...)

Public website

Documents and wiki pages

General documents:

Task-Force internal documents:



  • Oliver Schonefeld (CLARIN-D, IDS Mannheim, coordinator)
  • Thomas Eckart (CLARIN-D, ASV Leipzig)
  • Thomas Kisler (CLARIN-D, Bayerisches Archiv für Sprachsignale)
  • Christoph Draxler (CLARIN-D, Bayerisches Archiv für Sprachsignale)
  • Kai Zimmer (CLARIN-D, BBAW)
  • Matej Ďurčo (CLARIN-AT, CLARIN Center Vienna)
  • Yana Panchenko (CLARIN-D, Tübingen University)
  • Hanna Hedeland (CLARIN-D, HZSK)
  • Andre Blessing (CLARIN-D, Stuttgart University)
  • Olha Shkaravska (CLARIN-?, MPI for Psycholinguistics)