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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#186 Transfer ownership of components assigned enhancement major ComponentRegistry
#638 4.2 Further Development of AAI - CLARIN IDP assigned task major CLARIN-D Q1/2016 CLARIN-D
#651 23.5 Further Development CMDI - Component Registry assigned task major CLARIN-D Q2/2016 CLARIN-D
#847 resources unreachable for collection "Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America" assigned defect major MetadataCuration
#921 23.1 Further Development CMDI - CMDI 1.2 assigned task major CLARIN-D Q3/2016 CLARIN-D
#924 28.1 Further Development Virtual Collection Registry - Determination of Requirements assigned task major CLARIN-D Q4/2016 CLARIN-D
#935 Tracking: CLARIN guidelines conformance of SPs assigned defect major AAI
#938 Replace clarin_datatable custom code by standard feeds module assigned defect major Website
#967 User involvement group pages on new website assigned defect major Website
#990 Recreate organig group views assigned task major Website
#998 Access/Login Problems at assigned defect major AAI
#1004 Key rollover request LBR assigned task major AAI
#1007 old certificate removed assigned task major AAI
#1030 Tool for checking broken external links new enhancement major Website
#1036 Exclude image listing at the bottom of a page new defect major Website
#1070 Separate breadcrumb trail for tour de CLARIN blogs assigned enhancement major Website
#1071 Show block with content with the same tags for blog posts assigned enhancement major Website
#1077 alter view-contact view to enable hiding of email assigned defect major Website
#917 3.4 Single Sign-on for all CLARIN-D Applications - Documentation assigned task minor CLARIN-D Q2/2016 CLARIN-D
#923 26.1 Concept & Implementation Transfer of Tools - Identification of Candidates assigned task minor CLARIN-D Q2/2016 CLARIN-D
#958 Files missing assigned defect minor Website
#965 Clean up Drupal redirects assigned task minor Website
#995 Integrate Perseids SP in the SPF assigned task minor AAI
#1003 Investigate possibilities to add the content of views to search index assigned enhancement minor Website
#1006 Investigate a web-based alternative to google earth for the VLW assigned enhancement minor Website
#1029 provide governance view with affiliation field new feature minor Website
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