13:43 Changeset [1783] by teckart
Added "nationalProject" facet to the FacetedSearchPage?
12:03 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt
11:13 ClarinHelpdesk created by dietuyt
11:08 WikiStart edited by dietuyt
11:05 RelationRegistry edited by dietuyt
11:04 Communication created by dietuyt
11:03 WikiStart edited by dietuyt
cleanup of wiki front page (diff)
10:56 AboutTrac created by dietuyt
10:56 WikiStart edited by dietuyt
08:49 Changeset [1782] by herste
new config for lux16


17:02 Ticket #172 (not all mimetypes are correctly converted to text/audio ResourceType) created by dietuyt
The following mappings should be made, (probably via a postprocessor?) …
16:41 Ticket #171 (Facet values with diacritics not in the first character should not be ...) created by dietuyt
Réunion is now sorted under Other in the alphabet while it should be …
16:25 Ticket #170 (non-English language names should be ignored) created by dietuyt
Some CMDI files contain both a language name and a language code, eg: …
15:52 Ticket #169 (ResourceName element is not recognized) created by dietuyt
At …
14:34 Changeset [1781] by herste


09:05 Changeset [1780] by twagoo
Added findbugs exclude filter file to ignore false error messages …


15:36 Changeset [1779] by twagoo
Created wicket page that allows a logged in user to set configure its …
13:05 Changeset [1778] by twagoo
Some minor code style improvements in Admin pages
12:58 Changeset [1777] by twagoo
Running against schema with schematron annotations. Adapted tests, …
10:30 Changeset [1776] by twagoo
Merged from branch: getName() returns 'Registry of ...' for private …
10:28 Changeset [1775] by twagoo
getName() returns 'Registry of ...' for private registries in …
08:41 Changeset [1774] by twagoo
Added validator to NameInputLine? constructor calls


16:27 CmdiDataSources edited by dietuyt
16:24 CmdiVirtualLanguageObservatory edited by dietuyt
15:18 Changeset [1773] by twagoo
Created ChildNameValidator? which checks if a component or element name …
14:42 Changeset [1772] by twagoo
Made comp2schema.xsl compatible with current versions of Saxon-HE by …
14:36 Changeset [1771] by twagoo
Added test case for subsequent elements with same name (violates …
14:36 Changeset [1770] by twagoo
No more indenting of XSD
14:32 Changeset [1769] by twagoo
Debug level logging of configuration value setting


16:22 Changeset [1768] by twagoo
Modified tests to work with transformer related changes. Update of …
16:22 Changeset [1767] by twagoo
No longer set SaxonOutputKeys?.INDENT_SPACES when transforming to XSD. …
16:20 Changeset [1766] by twagoo
MDValidator: write inputstream to byte array so that the contents can …
13:57 Ticket #40 (link to language information URL) closed by teckart
fixed: Fixed in trunk. Facet "Language" on ShowResult? page replaced by facet …
13:29 Ticket #167 (New facet: national anchoring) closed by teckart
fixed: Fixed in trunk, mapping file stored in …
13:20 Changeset [1765] by teckart
Improved support for identifying two letter language codes
08:23 Changeset [1764] by teckart
Added explicit commit of Solr database deletion


07:46 Changeset [1763] by teckart
Added missing file extension of national project mapping file
07:45 Changeset [1762] by teckart
Added new entry for "CLARIN-NL webservices"


14:44 Changeset [1761] by teckart
Added fallback solution for national project mapping file by using …
12:22 Changeset [1760] by teckart
*added utility method for creation of reverse map out of CMDI file …
12:11 Changeset [1759] by teckart
*added utility method for creation of reverse map out of CMDI file …
12:04 Changeset [1758] by teckart
Added NationalProjectPostProcessor?, modified importer, added …
11:24 Changeset [1757] by teckart
Added facet "nationalProject", ticket #167
08:10 Changeset [1756] by twagoo
added line on registration time recursion detection to changelog
08:09 Changeset [1755] by twagoo
removed CMDValidate dependency from trunk


15:22 Changeset [1754] by twagoo
Made ComponentEdit? and ElementEdit? implement CMDValidator to check if …
14:13 Ticket #168 (Prevent recursive component definitions in editor) closed by twagoo
fixed: Fixed in trunk in r1753
14:12 Changeset [1753] by twagoo
Expand profile when registering or updating component/profile, so that …
12:46 Changeset [1752] by twagoo
Added ValidatorException? to version control
12:46 Changeset [1751] by twagoo
Branched ComponentRegistry using CMDValidate for validation with schematron
08:04 Changeset [1750] by twagoo
Changed dependency order so that ComponentRegistry will still use …


15:25 Changeset [1749] by twagoo
Throwing more specific exceptions, public getters on …
13:38 Changeset [1748] by twagoo
CMDValidate pom: artificatId renamed to cmd-validate (lower case is …


20:13 FCS-Endpoints edited by oschonef
added link to SRU Server Tester (diff)
13:36 ServiceProviderFederation edited by dietuyt


15:47 Changeset [1747] by vronk
corrected a local path in smc_config.xml
15:41 Changeset [1746] by vronk
adding a diagram depicting the initialization sequence of SMC. Which …


11:00 Ticket #168 (Prevent recursive component definitions in editor) created by twagoo
See #148. This should be cheked/detected while editing (or at least …


16:14 Changeset [1745] by twagoo
Adding CMDValidator project to the repository. Somewhat modified …
15:06 Ticket #167 (New facet: national anchoring) created by dietuyt
A new facet should indicate from which national CLARIN project the …
10:54 Ticket #166 (Component editor validation does not highlight missing ValueSchemes) created by twagoo
An imported component specification can have elements without …


15:19 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt
10:24 Ticket #165 (Only allow 'save as new' button when editing from public space) created by twagoo
When a public component or profile is selected for editing, both …


15:15 Changeset [1744] by twagoo
Fixed error in earlier commit regarding xslt output of Multilingual …
15:06 Changeset [1743] by twagoo
Added Rev keyword to comp2schema.xsl properties
14:51 Changeset [1742] by twagoo
Fixed the following issue through an update of the XSLT that generates …
12:16 ServiceProviderFederation edited by dietuyt
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