On 5/12/12 15:34 , Florian Schiel wrote:

Hi Dieter,

for some unknown reason since this morning I cannot log in to the CMD registry any more.

I used to login via the LMU IDP (user: and appeared as user in the CMD registry by a cryptic number (which was consistent, so that I could find my Private Space in the CMD). This does not work any more: after entering my credentials, the public CMD appears again without any error message. Any second try is blocked: I cannot reach the IDP of LMU again; I have to shut down my browser and delete the history to try again.

Hi Florian,

can you send the me result of logging in with your LMU account to ?

Then we can see which attributes are released from your IdP.

When selecting the CLARIN IDP I can login, but my user in the CMD is of course different ( and I cannot access my Private Space.

Is it possible, that

  • my credentials at the LMU IDP have been deleted (could this cause such a


  • the number that the LMU IPD transmits to the CMD has changed and

therefore I'm not recognized as a user of the CMD registry any more?

I cannot see exactly what happened, the feedback to the debug page above would help. But it seems that your IdP is not releasing any attributes anymore at first sight.

I tried to reach somebody here at LMU who can tell me about the LMU IDP behavious, but no success.

Since I'd prefer to use the CLARIN IDP anyway, would it be possible to change my user name in the CMD from the to, so that I can find my Private Space again?

Twan: can you arrange this?

best, -- Dieter Van Uytvanck Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, the Netherlands tel. +31-(0)24-3521-191 | <>

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