A high level overview of the ComponentRegistry and Browser Architecture

High level overview of Component Registry

Figure 1. High level overview

The registry will be build in Java and persisting the components and profile as xml files. They will not be stored in a database. Additional data about the profiles/components will be stored as well e.g. Creator, Date. This will also be stored in an xml format.

Metadata schema to java mapping

The profiles and components schema's are mapped to java classes using JAXB. Figure 2 shows the uml from the generated java classes based on the profile/component schema definitions.

Figure 2. Metadata generated classes.

Component Registry Overview

Figure 3 shows an uml diagram of the initial setup. The most important class here is the ComponentRegistry it will be the interface that will be responsible for providing the correct methods to manipulate the registry. The idea is to provide a webservice which will have similiar methods as the ComponentRegistry interface but without the resulting complex types. So the list of MDComponent's will provide a list of the actual xml (String's) that describes the components. This will make it very simple to communicate with the registry.

Figure 3. UML of Component Registry.

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