A database with academic organisations, with a PID per organisation.

Interesting initiatives


(info from Thorsten Trippel, Tübingen)

Yes, sure, we use the German National Library as a resource for that purpose, there is even a SPARQL endpoint somewhere. Problem: we actually only have unique identifiers, not institution names that are unique. But we use that for disambiguation and combination. You'll find some information at, don't know if this is also available in English, though, but let me know if your customers need assistance.

BTW: the trick here is: every institution or person with a (bookish) publication in German or in Germany will be recorded by the national library. Chances are really really good that most Dutch institutions are also in there, if there was a publication in German or joined work with a German institution.


(info from Dieter)

  • I remember having seen a draft proposal from someone at surf foundation to use the TLD name as PID (eg
  • there is a CLARIN-NL project (CLAVAS) that will address a vocabulary service for long vocabularies, contact: Hennie Brugman


All CLARIN members are downloadable via (not all fields are in there but that can be changed easily) and can be edited/viewed via

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