CLARIN Standards Committee (CSC)

The main responsibility of the CSC is to advise the Board of Directors on the adoption of standards to be supported by CLARIN ERIC.

Committee organization

Pages/sites/repositories under the CSC's supervision


Since 2019.09.30, the minutes documents are also linked from the CSC Dashboard at

Documents, wiki pages, and other resources

ISO documents shared under the liaison

Standards documents shared under the liaison between CLARIN-ERIC and ISO TC37SC4 are available from a dedicated page: ISO_TC37SC4_Standards_in_preparation. We need to bear in mind that this is expected to be a mutual exchange: CLARIN gets early access and the possibility to influence the outcome, while TC37SC4 experts receive feedback, either directly, or -- during the ballot process -- in the form of comments. The latter is very important for keeping the liaison in force: there should be a formal trace of CLARIN involvement in the ISO process, or else the liaison can be terminated.


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