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CE Archive

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Dropbox client not syncing (Option 1)

  • Symptoms:
    • Files in CE_Docs_Uploads are not moved to the ce archive
    • Local folder is out of sync with web interface. Run the following command to check the content of the local folder:
      sudo docker exec -ti ce_archive_dropbox_copy ls -l /root/Dropbox/CLARIN-EU/CE_Docs_Uploads
  • Cause: This typically happens after the dropbox account runs out of space.
  • Solution: Restart the ce_archive_dropbox2 container on the clarinvm host:
    sudo docker restart ce_archive_dropbox2

Dropbox client not syncing (Option 2)

  • Symptoms:
    • Files in CE_Docs_Uploads are not moved to the ce archive
    • And docker logs -f --tail=100 ce_archive_dropbox2 outputs:
      This computer isn't linked to any Dropbox account...
      Please visit to link this device.
  • Cause: the dropbox client authentication has expired
  • Solution: Follow the link reported in the container logs and allow the client by clicking the button in the web UI.


The CE Archive code base was originally developed and host by Steven Krauwer as a set of korn shell files. The codebase was dockerized and refactored by Willem Elbers, after which it has been deployed in the infrastructure managed by the CLARIN ERIC sysops team.

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