Max Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF)

We have a service contract with this non-commercial scientific computing center.

1. Technical information

Password based authentication is required for the jump host con01. A single key pair is used to become superuser on all VMs. This key pair is regenerated based on the password set in MyRZG.

1.1. Applicable OpenSSH client configuration

Match originalhost con01,gateafs
    #ProxyCommand ssh gateafs.rzg -W %h:%p
    PasswordAuthentication yes
    User USER

# Match originalhost
#     HostName
#     User USER

Match originalhost alpha-vlo-clarin,beta-vlo-clarin,catalog-clarin,centres-clarin,centres2-clarin,dev-idp-clarin,idp1-clarin

Match originalhost dev-idp-clarin
    LocalForward localhost:2443 localhost:2443

Match host *
    ProxyCommand ssh con01 -W %h:%p
    PubkeyAuthentication yes

Match host,*
    IdentityFile "%d/.ssh/key_pairs/%r@MPCDF"
    User root

1.2. Web console

None available.

2. Relations

Ms. "Beatriz Sanchez Bribian" <>
Mr. "Florian Kaiser" <>

2.1. Support contacts

"Beatriz Sanchez Bribian, Florian Kaiser" <>

2.2. Agreed service level (formal/informal)

Informal: best effort.

2.3. Tickets

Ticket Priority Summary Owner Created Modified
#885 major Django security update to 1.9.3 Sander Maijers 8 years ago 8 years ago
#891 critical dmeventd for LVM hogs CPU on CentOS 7 Willem Elbers 8 years ago 8 years ago
#901 major Robots.txt for Sander Maijers 8 years ago 8 years ago

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