Commercial cloud provider.

1. Technical information

## Applicable OpenSSH client configuration ##

Match originalhost transip
    User USER

Match originalhost transip user root
    ProxyCommand ssh USER@transip -W %h:%p
    IdentityFile "%d/.ssh/key_pairs/root@transip"
Match originalhost transip user USER
    IdentityFile "%d/.ssh/key_pairs/USER@transip"

1.1. Status Page

1.2. Control Panel

1.3. Support contacts

"Support" <>

1.4. Agreed service level (formal/informal)

Formal: 99.99%.

1.5. Tickets

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No tickets found

Provisioning of new VM

Description Screenshot
Step 1

Main installer screen, configure:
- Installation options (step 2)
- Installation destination (steps 3-5)
Step 2

- Select "minimal install" checkbox
- Select "done" to finish
Step 3

- Select the "Virtio block device"
- Make sure "I will configure partitioning" is
selected under "Other storage options"
- Click "Done" to continue.
Step 4

- Use LVM to manage the partitions
- Leave default options and make sure xfs file
system is selected
- Click "Done" to continue.
Step 5

- Accept the proposed changes.
Step 6

- Click "Done" to begin the installation process.
- Generate a random root password for the root account.
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