CMDI Taskforce virtual meeting 2016-02-10

  • What?
    • CMDI 1.2 specification meeting
  • Who?
    • Members of the CMDI taskforce and other people involved/interested in specification process
  • When?
    • 10 February 2016: 14.00 - 16.00 CET (on basis of doodle)
  • Where?
    • Skype (Please send your skype handle to twan.goosen or Twan Goosen)



Meeting notes

  • A 'Scope' section will be added to the document (Menzo will write a first version)
  • A UML diagram will be added to illustrate the relation to meta model of the ISO CMDI part 1 standard (Menzo)
  • CMDI part 1 as normative reference?
    • Menzo: only hurdle is requirement that components are not 'empty' (i.e. must have a child element or component) (see diagram)
      • Menzo will check for cases of empty components in recent CR dump
      • Aim is to be compliant with the ISO standard and disallow empty components (enforced via schematron rule), if there are cases that will make conversion troublesome we will try to address them case by case
  • Content of ('Main structure') section of 'Structure of CMDI files' will be transformed into a table (Oddrun)
  • 'Structure of CMDI files' will get an updated UML diagram (based on a slightly older CMDI document structure diagram)(Oddrun)
  • Additional constraints for the use of foreign namespaces in the header will be added, based on the suggestions by Oliver (Twan)
  • We will decide on the right typography for value ranges (including fixed values) and default values for the XML structure tables (how is this done in e.g. UML?)
  • Namespace prefixes (cmd/cmdp) must be added to the XML structure tables in 'Structure of CMDI files'
  • A UML diagram will be added to the first section of 'The CMD Component Specification Language (CCSL)`, based on the 'meta model' UML diagram (Thomas/Menzo)
  • Changes to the proposed 'additional constraints', see Google docs
    • CCSL Header: ID and Name become mandatory (change to XSD)
  • Bibliography will be extended: non-normative references will be moved there, references from glossary and a selection of CMDI publications
  • Work on toolkit largely completed, more tests still desirable.
  • Work on OAI provider has been completed.
  • Work on VLO, ComponentRegistry is scheduled for the next weeks/months.
  • CCR/OpenSKOS will be put on the agenda at Meertens,
  • Planning:
    • Twan will transfer changes to Wiki
    • Editing in Wiki until 22 February
    • Follow-up meeting in the week of 29 February (Doodle - closed)
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