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Face to face meeting on VLO development January 2018

  • What?
    • General VLO development progress, process and planning and meeting
  • Who?
    • 16 January: Wolfgang, Matej, Menzo, Twan, Dieter
    • 17 - 18 January: Wolfgang, Menzo, Dieter, Thomas, Twan
  • When?
    • 16 - 18 January 2018 (on basis of doodle)
    • Possibly 'satellite' in-depth dev knowledge exchange and/or pair programming on 15 and 19 January
  • Where?



Please fix/amend as needed:

Who Mon 15 Tue 16 Wed 17 Thur 18 Fri 19
Dieter Afternoon? All day (?) All day All day ?
Matej Arrival: ~ 11:00 All day Departure ~ 19:00 - -
Menzo Will be in Nijmegen for a range of meetings All day (if need be) All day All day (if need be) Afternoon (if need be)
Wolfgang Arrival: ~11:00 All day All day Departure: ~17:00
Thomas Arrival: 17:00 All day Departure: ~14:30
Twan Afternoon All day All day All day All day


Day Location Start End What?
Mon 15 Nijmegen(office) 14:00 17:30 Pre-meetings
Tue 16 Utrecht 11:15 17:00 Meeting: curation/quality
Wed 17 Nijmegen (sky lounge) 09:00 17:00 Meeting: VLO
Thu 18 Nijmegen (office) 09:00 17:00 Hands-on + discussions
Fri 19 Nijmegen (office) 09:00 16:00 Hands-on

Location details:


See Google doc for agenda and notes



Aggregated action points

This week/ASAP

  • {Menzo, Twan, Wolfgang} Implement compilation module prototype for curation workflow (CLAVAS + CSV ===Stylesheets===> uniform map)
  • {Twan} Share curation workflow drawing source
  • {Matej, Menzo, ...} prepare vocabularies/mappings for the curation workflow
  • {Matej} share SKOS evaluation spreadsheet

Vienna workshop

  • Resourcetype: collection vs. corpus discussion
    • Make them synonyms in solr-configuration
    • Corpus narrower term of collection -> hierarchical facet
    • “Corpus” false positive Corpus Vitraeum
  • Think about result sorting feature and/or discuss with Jakob


  • Curation
    • Resource type facet: see if OTA values (154 distinct values) can be dealt with through concept mapping (blacklist?)  and/or value mapping
    • Find use cases for value mapping where context would allow for better mapping
      • For example ‘type’ field in olac
    • Look for corpora/collections flooded with individual item, aka forest-trees problem aka granularity problem
    • Olac-linguistic-type map to resource type rather than genre -> VLO-mapping
      • But also look into other cases where genre mapping might be justified
      • Make GitHub issue?
  • Documentation, design etc
    • {??} Write-up/problem statement for value mapping
    • {??} Design and/or prototype for URL checker (based on curation module logic?)
    • {??} Make an updated functional/technical design for metadata quality dashboard
  • Implementation / technical
    • {Wolfgang} Try to replace logic to get external VloConfig? in curation module
      • Ideal solution would be to ‘harvest’ it from running production VLO
    • {Menzo} integrate curation tool into the harvester
    • {Menzo} Deploy harvest viewer
    • {Menzo} export mapping from directory name to endpoint, center, national project
    • {Twan} Make a GitHub issue for Java 9 support in the VLO
    • {???} Make a common library/tool for url checker (see todos of 16 January)
    • {Twan} EDM-CMDI conversion (fix or make issue):
    • {GitHub issue} Look into weird querying behaviour “german OR dutch” vs “(german OR dutch)”
    • {GitHub issue} Similar record folding
    • {Twan} Find info on “copy/paste problem” in old solr logs (e.g. ‘Talk of Norway’)
      • Note: Solr logs indicate that these searches (around 4-6 December) did result in hits; perhaps a problem in the front-end (in particular #118) prevented them from appearing


  • Documentation, design etc
    • Investigate the creation of landing pages for specific languages (manually curated + links to VLO)
  • Implementation/technical
    • {Curation module} Field-weighting in curation module
    • {Curation module} investigate curation score of BBAW
    • {Curation module} use VLO importer as a library to share the mapping and processing logic rather than have it duplicated
    • {Menzo, ?} Adapt harvester viewer to fully fledged MD quality dashboard
    • {Twan} VLO: icons per record or collection
    • {Dieter} Add VLO and FCS search to drupal search widget on (ask Hendrik?)
    • {Twan} VLO: see if it is possible to suggest discriminative additional search terms wrt query results (make GitHub issue)

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