CLARIN on GitHub

CLARIN ERIC GitHub repositories:

For administrative matters, please contact Dieter, Twan or the system administrators.

Other CLARIN related repositories on GitHub (in other organisations) are listed on a dedicated page at


Various repositories are connected to Travis for continuous integration:


Note that CLARIN is also on GitLab:

Slack integrations


The GitHub integration is enabled for CLARIN's Slack. It sends notifications for selected repositories and/or branches to the #github channel. Team admins can manage it, and select which repositories, branches and types of events lead to notifications.


The Travis CI integration is enabled for CLARIN's Slack. It allows for notifications to one or more Slack channels, by default to the #github channel. It needs to be configured per repository that has Travis builds via the .travis.yml files. Instructions can be found in the Travis documentation. The token that has to be provided can be found in the integration's configuration page. If you don't have access, ask one of the Slack Team admins. Make sure to always encrypt the credentials with the repository specific key provided by Travis using travis encrypt (details and examples are on the instructions page).

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