20:01 Changeset [1848] by vronk
bug: loop in catchall-request, because reading workspaceprofile in xsl …
16:23 Changeset [1847] by oschonef
- add IDP monitroing script - cosmetic changes to SP script - add …
15:44 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
15:43 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
15:42 People/ingmar edited by ingmar
15:41 People/ingmar edited by ingmar
15:39 People/ingmar created by ingmar
15:36 Changeset [1846] by twagoo
Component browser: column name for Creator now same for components and …
14:39 Changeset [1845] by twagoo
Added item on granting table access to UPDATE doc
14:37 Changeset [1844] by twagoo
Added release date of 1.11.0 to CHANGES file
14:35 Changeset [1843] by twagoo
Created branch for ComponentRegistry-1.11.0 Trunk is now 1.12.0
12:59 Changeset [1842] by gaba
12:38 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
12:36 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
12:33 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
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12:28 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
12:27 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
12:26 Registries edited by dietuyt
12:00 CMDI/Events edited by dietuyt
11:58 CMDI/Events edited by dietuyt
11:54 CMDI/Events edited by dietuyt
11:53 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 created by dietuyt
11:51 CMDI/Events edited by dietuyt
11:42 ClarinHelpdesk/q2 created by zastrow
10:25 Changeset [1841] by gaba
09:47 ClarinHelpdesk/q1 created by dietuyt
09:46 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt
08:23 People/Archive/herste created by herste
08:22 People edited by herste
08:01 CMDI/Events edited by twagoo
added petwit to list of attendants (diff)
07:59 People/patdui edited by twagoo
link to closed tickets (diff)
07:59 People/larlam edited by twagoo
link to closed tickets (diff)
07:59 People/twagoo edited by twagoo
link to closed tickets (diff)
07:57 Ticket #90 (Allow xs:integer in ValueScheme) closed by twagoo
07:36 Changeset [1840] by twagoo
Added line on fix of #165 to CHANGES file
07:35 Ticket #165 (Only allow 'save as new' button when editing from public space) closed by twagoo
fixed: Fixed in r1839
07:35 Changeset [1839] by twagoo
'Save' button is disabled except when editing existing …
06:56 People/twagoo edited by twagoo
Added home institute, country, personal home page, and clarin project (diff)
06:36 People/Archive/paucas created by twagoo
Created page (copy/paste+edit from MPI trac)
06:35 People/patdui created by twagoo
Created page (copy/paste+edit from MPI trac)
06:34 People edited by twagoo
Added link for twagoo, patdui, paucas (diff)
06:32 People/twagoo edited by twagoo
fixed link to ComponentRegistryAndEditor (diff)
06:32 People/twagoo created by twagoo
Created page (copy/paste+edit from MPI trac)


21:09 Changeset [1838] by gaba
15:45 People edited by larlam
Added link to my page (diff)
15:44 People/larlam created by larlam
Page created
15:15 People/Archive/vboehlke edited by dietuyt
fixed name (diff)
15:10 CMDI/Events edited by dietuyt
13:59 Ticket #179 (Redirect users without proper display name to settings page) created by twagoo
Users can configure their display name in 1.11 (see #156). However, …
12:59 Changeset [1837] by twagoo
Added CommentsCount? column to profile/component browser
12:59 Ticket #144 (Feedback and discussion options) closed by twagoo
fixed: Replying to twagoo: > User name is taken from Shib common …
12:58 Changeset [1836] by twagoo
When registering comment, use display name from DB. Fixes #144
11:49 Ticket #144 (Feedback and discussion options) reopened by twagoo
User name is taken from Shib common name rather than taking the user's …
11:37 Changeset [1835] by gaba
11:31 Changeset [1834] by twagoo
Added line about component editor in CHANGES file
09:47 People edited by reichelu
09:47 People/reichelu edited by reichelu
09:47 People/reichelu edited by reichelu
09:45 People/reichelu edited by reichelu
09:37 People/reichelu edited by reichelu
09:35 People/reichelu created by reichelu


20:54 Changeset [1833] by gaba
old imports removed
20:33 Changeset [1832] by gaba
workspace actions - new version


11:02 Ticket #178 (add a line break between result count and the < > controls) created by dietuyt
In the inital view everything is at the same line; […] But if …
09:10 People/oschonef created by oschonef
08:54 People edited by oschonef
08:18 Changeset [1831] by herste
fixy fixy


15:38 People/kisler created by kisler
Creating the page
15:34 People edited by kisler
Adding my name to the link to my page (diff)
13:17 Changeset [1830] by oschonef
- add plugin for checking shibboleth service providers


15:52 People edited by vboehlke
15:51 People/Archive/vboehlke created by vboehlke
15:35 Changeset [1829] by twagoo
usage line added to validate.sh
15:08 Changeset [1828] by twagoo
Added -s option to Validate main to specify schema location. Added …
14:49 People/herrner edited by herrner
14:49 Ticket #153 (Support urn:nbn ResourceProxies) closed by teckart
fixed: Solved in trunk ([1826], [1827])
14:46 People/herrner edited by herrner
14:44 Changeset [1827] by teckart
Added support for URN:NBN identifiers in the user interface (solves …
14:39 People edited by herrner
14:38 Changeset [1826] by teckart
Added support for URN:NBN identifiers in the user interface
14:38 People/herrner edited by herrner
14:26 Changeset [1825] by twagoo
Findbugs find: validator should not pretend to be thread-safe wrt …
14:22 Changeset [1824] by twagoo
Findbugs find: synchronization of service initializers in Saxon class
14:20 Changeset [1823] by twagoo
Findbugs find: Message inner class made static
13:56 Changeset [1822] by twagoo
Fixed parent pom reference
13:54 Changeset [1821] by twagoo
Re-copied CMDValidate from branch, previous copy was broken somehow
13:51 Changeset [1820] by twagoo
removed CMDValidate
13:33 Changeset [1819] by twagoo
Set parent pom right for CMDValidate
13:25 Changeset [1818] by twagoo
Removed schematron branch
13:24 Changeset [1817] by twagoo
Merged CMDValidate version update, accidentally made in branch
13:20 Changeset [1816] by twagoo
Merged changes made in ComponentRegistry-schematron branch to trunk …
12:40 People/herrner edited by herrner
12:39 People/herrner created by herrner
12:38 People edited by oschonef
11:50 Changeset [1815] by twagoo
ComponentRegistry user manual: updated screenshots, restructured a bit …
08:03 ComponentVersioning created by twagoo
started document, definitions
07:39 ComponentRegistryAndEditor edited by twagoo
build tools (diff)


22:13 Changeset [1814] by vronk
correction in handling scan:fcs.resource and its usage in …
20:34 Changeset [1813] by gaba
fcs scan corrections
18:48 Changeset [1812] by vronk
changes to fcs-xsl scripts propagated from corpus_shell
14:28 Changeset [1811] by twagoo
Added changes regarding #156 to CHANGES document
12:44 People/dietuyt edited by admin
12:43 People edited by admin
12:41 People edited by admin
12:40 People/dietuyt created by admin
12:36 People created by admin
12:32 WikiStart edited by admin
12:21 Changeset [1810] by gaba
scan format , base_uri


20:40 Changeset [1809] by gaba


21:10 Changeset [1808] by gaba
10:30 Changeset [1807] by gaba
08:59 Changeset [1806] by herste
now with external properties in the context fragment
08:17 Changeset [1805] by herste
small change


16:19 CmdiNews edited by admin


11:23 Changeset [1804] by herste
some readme
11:14 Changeset [1803] by herste
fixy fixy


15:38 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt
14:36 Ticket #169 (ResourceName element is not recognized) closed by teckart
invalid: The reason for not extracting the name-element is the erroneous CMDI …
11:19 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt
10:32 Ticket #177 (MULCE archive OLAC mapping) created by dietuyt
(react by mail to thierry.chanier @univ-bpclermont.fr and Hyeon.YUN …


17:24 Ticket #176 (Several problems introduced after updating drupal modules) created by dietuyt
After a security update of the (non-core) drupal modules the following …
17:20 Ticket #31 (memory exception when editing page) closed by dietuyt
17:19 Ticket #39 (signup not working) closed by dietuyt
15:13 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt
15:10 CmdiRecommendedComponents edited by dietuyt
15:02 CmdiRecommendedComponents edited by dietuyt
14:47 CmdiRecommendedComponents edited by dietuyt
14:43 CmdiRecommendedComponents created by dietuyt
14:40 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt
14:33 CMDI edited by dietuyt
12:27 Ticket #175 (Adding autocomplete-functionality) created by teckart
Solr-Support: http://wiki.apache.org/solr/Suggester
10:46 Changeset [1802] by gaba


21:55 Changeset [1801] by gaba
FCS classes
21:11 Changeset [1800] by gaba
FCS first version


13:01 FCS-Endpoints edited by herste


08:38 Changeset [1799] by twagoo
Increased interval between adding of comments in test, precision is …


19:13 Changeset [1798] by herste
upped version number because of new SOLR version
10:57 Changeset [1797] by twagoo
Also added sonatype to REST/web project
10:51 Changeset [1796] by twagoo
Added sonatype public repository to POM files, as it now provides …


09:08 Ticket #173 (Update ComponentRegistry user manual) closed by twagoo
duplicate: created #174, this one is a bit polluted
09:08 Ticket #174 (Update ComponentRegistry user manual) created by twagoo
The …
09:05 Ticket #65 (Make validation fail if two consecutive elements have the same name) closed by twagoo
08:52 Ticket #144 (Feedback and discussion options) closed by twagoo
fixed: Comments will be ComponentRegistry-1.11
08:50 Ticket #162 (Update Arbil webstart link upon 2.3 released) closed by twagoo
fixed: Arbil 2.3 has been released, link has been updated


08:19 Changeset [1795] by teckart
Added check for multiple occurrences of the *same* pattern in an input …


13:39 Changeset [1794] by teckart
Corrected wrong facet name for FIELD_COMPLETE_METADATA
12:26 Ticket #173 (Update ComponentRegistry user manual) created by twagoo
The …


15:28 Changeset [1793] by twagoo
Added link to UserSettings? page in Flex UI. When logged in, this …
14:54 Changeset [1792] by twagoo
userSettings page: * mounted in admin app as '/userSettings' * made …
14:37 Changeset [1791] by twagoo
RestServiceTest?: sleep 10ms between insertion of comments so that …
14:30 Changeset [1790] by twagoo
When registering a component, set creatorName in component description …
14:28 Changeset [1789] by twagoo
Added test for updateUser method of UserDao? Related to #156
13:32 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt
09:29 Changeset [1788] by vronk
09:28 Changeset [1787] by vronk
adding xsl-stylesheets from fcs-project (corpus_shell)


17:21 MetadataEditor edited by dietuyt
17:16 VirtualCollectionRegistry/Requirements edited by dietuyt
17:15 CmdiRelationRegistry edited by dietuyt
16:19 CmdiNews edited by twagoo
Added news on modification of comp2schema XSLT (r1772) (diff)
09:22 Changeset [1786] by teckart
Changed name of two facets: * "completeMD" -> "metadataSource" * …
09:19 Changeset [1785] by teckart
08:05 Changeset [1784] by teckart
Changed name of two facets: * "completeMD" -> "metadataSource" * …
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