13:03 Communication edited by dietuyt
12:10 Ticket #183 (remove CMDI envelope of xml center list) closed by dietuyt
12:05 Ticket #192 (assessment field missing in HTML center view) created by dietuyt
Although assessment shows up in …
09:46 ClarinHelpdesk/q7 created by dietuyt
09:45 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt
07:36 ClarinHelpdesk/q6 created by dietuyt
07:36 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt


13:16 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt
11:33 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt


21:53 Changeset [1926] by oschonef
- always consume argument (even, if it is not valid) - change logging …
21:52 Changeset [1925] by oschonef
- micro-optimization: don't store parsed value, if an error already …
21:31 Changeset [1924] by oschonef
- re-factor validation and parsing of arguments
20:50 Changeset [1923] by oschonef
- fix bug found by FindBugs?
16:56 Changeset [1922] by oschonef
- better support for result streaming with RecordLists?
13:34 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt


15:18 Ticket #171 (Facet values with diacritics not in the first character should not be ...) closed by teckart
invalid: This is a problem with the used ISO3166-1 country names file …
12:30 Ticket #96 (no previous / next links for single result) closed by teckart
fixed: Fixed in trunk (r1921)
12:29 Ticket #85 (show context (record nr in result set) while browsing through results) closed by teckart
fixed: Fixed in trunk (r1921)
12:28 Changeset [1921] by teckart
-Added counter for current result entry (#85) -next/previous links are …
11:31 Ticket #172 (not all mimetypes are correctly converted to text/audio ResourceType) closed by teckart
fixed: Fixed in trunk. (r1920)
11:29 Changeset [1920] by teckart
Added new substitutions for audio and text data (ticket #172)


19:10 Changeset [1919] by gaba


22:48 Changeset [1918] by gaba
autocomplete - explain.xml


15:14 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt
13:29 Changeset [1917] by twagoo
Added resource for large profile registration test
13:28 Changeset [1916] by twagoo
Added test for registering a large profile
12:59 Changeset [1915] by twagoo
Upgraded to jersey 1.12
12:51 Changeset [1914] by oschonef
- more refactoring
08:15 Ticket #190 (Add search button to 'search in ISOcat') closed by twagoo
fixed: Changeset [1913] by twagoo […]
08:14 Changeset [1913] by twagoo
Added 'search' button to ISOCat search window Fixes #190
07:28 Ticket #191 (Fix 'choose a type' dialog) created by twagoo
Use type/use pattern/use vocabulary is confusing
07:28 Ticket #190 (Add search button to 'search in ISOcat') created by twagoo
Add search button to 'search in ISOcat'
07:25 Ticket #100 (Error in ui when loading a component (sometimes)) closed by twagoo
wontfix: I haven't seen this in a long time. Probably has been fixed in flash


14:48 Changeset [1912] by jstegmann
13:25 Changeset [1911] by oschonef
- first round of major refactoring to simply the provider - result …
13:21 Ticket #187 (The CMDI profiles of the individual centers do not validate) closed by BSanchezRZG
fixed: Replying to akislev: I change 'AAIStatus' to …


15:48 Changeset [1910] by oschonef
- remove 'cmdi' from package names
15:35 Changeset [1909] by oschonef
- reorganize pom - rename groupId to 'eu.clarin' (it's more generic …
15:31 Changeset [1908] by oschonef
- update slf4j dependency
14:23 ServiceProviderFederation/Discovery edited by dietuyt
08:27 Changeset [1907] by gaba
x-context replaced $repository, fcs/xsl's used


18:29 Changeset [1906] by oschonef
- optionally store header properties (hardcoded-switch)
18:28 Changeset [1905] by oschonef
- update joda time dependency
16:27 Changeset [1904] by oschonef
- cleanup dependencies - update HttpClient?
16:10 Changeset [1903] by oschonef
- normalize linefeeds into canonical linefeeds by default
15:57 Changeset [1902] by oschonef
- update slf4j and Woodstox dependency versions
13:29 CMDI/Events edited by dietuyt


14:11 Ticket #189 (theming of a sub-VLO) created by dietuyt
Some subsets of the VLO should be available as a kind of themed view, …
14:06 Changeset [1901] by dietuyt
Addition of some Meertens collections
13:41 People/hsloetjes created by hsloetjes
12:56 People edited by dietuyt


14:40 Ticket #156 (Allow users to set/modify friendly name) closed by twagoo
fixed: Created new ticket #188 for the case of the name in top-right corner
14:40 Ticket #188 (Show display name in Flex UI) created by twagoo
Logged in users see there 'remoteUser' name in the top-right corner of …
14:28 Changeset [1900] by twagoo
Added line on fix of #184 to CHANGES file (and fixed unrelated typo)
14:27 Ticket #184 (Component UI editor should check for duplicate attribute names) closed by twagoo
fixed: Fixed in r1899 by adding AttributeNameValidator to FlexUI
14:25 Changeset [1899] by twagoo
Created AttributeNameValidator? based on ChildNameValidator? to check …
13:42 Changeset [1898] by twagoo
Added CI info (i.e. Jenkins link) to pom
13:29 Changeset [1897] by twagoo
Added line on fixed #185 to CHANGES file
13:23 Ticket #185 (Delete comments from Flex UI) closed by twagoo
fixed: Implemented call to delete comments in Flex and linked delete button …
13:22 Changeset [1896] by twagoo
Linked delete button on comments to delete service. Extended …
12:59 Changeset [1895] by twagoo
CommentsDao?.getById takes Id as Number. Added test for this method
07:51 Changeset [1894] by twagoo
Fixed manipulate comment methods (for deleting without http DELETE) in …


15:25 Changeset [1893] by twagoo
Added delete buttons to comments owned by logged in user. Delete …
14:44 Changeset [1892] by twagoo
Added canDelete property to Comment ComponentRegistryDbImpl? sets …


10:58 FCS-specification edited by herste
10:54 FCS-specification edited by herste
10:35 FCS-specification edited by herste
10:28 FCS-specification edited by herste
10:23 Changeset [1891] by herste
new crontab script


19:30 Changeset [1890] by oschonef
- fix parsing of /indexInfo/index/map settings - sanity check for …
15:36 People edited by akislev
15:35 People/akislev created by akislev
15:19 Ticket #187 (The CMDI profiles of the individual centers do not validate) created by akislev
This is what I've got trying to validate the CMDI at …
13:40 FCS-specification edited by dietuyt
13:40 FCS-specification edited by dietuyt
13:31 FCS-specification edited by oschonef
Make JSON example colourful … (diff)
13:06 Changeset [1889] by oschonef
- re-name some classes to better match to SRU specification components …
12:58 FCS-specification edited by herste
12:57 FCS-specification edited by herste
12:55 FCS-specification edited by dietuyt
12:53 FCS-specification edited by dietuyt
12:43 FCS-specification edited by dietuyt
12:38 FCS-specification edited by herste
12:33 Changeset [1888] by dietuyt
Addition of example instance with a pointer to an SRU endpoint.
12:19 FCS-specification edited by dietuyt
12:06 FCS-specification edited by dietuyt
11:57 FCS-specification edited by dietuyt
09:30 Changeset [1887] by herste
small error fixed
08:19 Ticket #181 (Improve general HTML view center registry) closed by BSanchezRZG
08:15 Changeset [1886] by herste
Made location of NationalProjectsMapping?.xml configurable and …
07:45 Changeset [1885] by twagoo
Added script for dumping XML from compreg db
07:26 Changeset [1884] by herste
small annoyance fixed: no more daily 'can't find java' mails for root


21:53 Changeset [1883] by oschonef
- fix namespace
21:42 Changeset [1882] by oschonef
- set svn:ignore properties
21:38 Changeset [1881] by oschonef
- import of sru server endpoint
21:34 Changeset [1880] by oschonef
- initial project structure for sru endpoint
14:20 People/ttrippel created by ttrippel
09:39 FCS-Endpoints edited by vesaakerman
09:36 FCS-Endpoints edited by vesaakerman


15:37 People edited by dietuyt
13:22 ClarinHelpdesk edited by knappen
12:26 Ticket #186 (Transfer ownership of components) created by twagoo
The ownership of both private and public components and profiles …
08:39 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by ljo
07:55 CMDI edited by oschonef
07:15 Ticket #185 (Delete comments from Flex UI) created by twagoo
Implementation of #144 supports deletion of comments by original …
07:13 Ticket #184 (Component UI editor should check for duplicate attribute names) created by twagoo
Related to #65, was fixed in r1773 for components/elements but does …


14:54 Changeset [1879] by gaba
obsolete xsl-deleted
11:52 Changeset [1878] by gaba
htmljspage format - corrections
11:34 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
10:19 People edited by knappen
Sort alphabetically by wiki username (diff)
09:44 People/jmartinez created by jmartinez
09:37 People edited by jmartinez
09:30 People/BJackl edited by BJackl
09:29 People/BJackl edited by BJackl
09:21 People/BJackl created by BJackl
08:12 Changeset [1877] by mwindhouwer
modified general-component-schema.xsd - adds Required flag to the …
08:08 ClarinHelpdesk/q4 created by dietuyt
08:08 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt
07:11 Ticket #174 (Update ComponentRegistry user manual) closed by twagoo
fixed: Manual has been updated on clarin.eu website: …


22:26 Changeset [1876] by vronk
debug listing cmd-profiles in termsets.xml
22:26 Changeset [1875] by vronk
updated termsets.xml - debug listing cmd-profiles
21:55 Changeset [1874] by gaba
valuse - autocomplete
16:31 Changeset [1873] by dietuyt
Mapping added for Meertens collections
15:45 Ticket #183 (remove CMDI envelope of xml center list) created by dietuyt
would it be possible for not to have …
15:34 Ticket #182 (Improvements to HTML table with centers) created by dietuyt
* The column headers should be aligned left * The Column Center should …
15:08 Ticket #181 (Improve general HTML view center registry) created by dietuyt
The current [https://centerregistry-clarin.esc.rzg.mpg.de/centers/
08:34 Changeset [1872] by vronk
updated list of repositories
08:28 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
08:23 ServiceProviderFederation edited by dietuyt
08:15 FCS-specification edited by herste
08:14 FCS-specification created by herste
07:31 People/henniebrugman created by henniebrugman


15:29 Ticket #180 (RSS feed for components, profiles and comments) created by twagoo
Users can add comments to components (see #144). It should be quite …
14:12 GeneralComponentSchemaSchematron created by twagoo
Created page, overview of proposed schematron rules
14:02 People edited by dietuyt
14:00 Changeset [1871] by twagoo
Added line on 404 for non-existant component request to CHANGES document
13:57 ComponentVersioning edited by twagoo
Written intro/use case (diff)
13:46 Changeset [1870] by twagoo
If requested component not found, return 404 in REST service
13:03 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
12:30 CmdiEvents/Nijmegen20120412 edited by dietuyt
11:59 ComponentVersioning edited by twagoo
client information (diff)
11:57 Changeset [1869] by twagoo
Added log messages to component registry when unknown …
11:46 ComponentVersioning edited by twagoo
definition of deprecation (diff)
11:46 ComponentVersioning edited by twagoo
design and implementation extended (xml examples) (diff)
11:34 People/valtob created by dietuyt
11:32 People/Archive/gerpla edited by dietuyt
11:31 People/Archive/gerpla created by dietuyt
11:28 People/andmor created by dietuyt
11:27 People/willem.elbers created by dietuyt
11:26 People edited by dietuyt
11:23 People/peterwithers created by dietuyt
11:22 People/alekoe created by dietuyt
11:21 People/Archive/broeder created by dietuyt
10:01 ComponentVersioning edited by twagoo
design,implementation,discussion (work in progress) (diff)
07:29 Changeset [1868] by twagoo
Fixed date in 1.11.1 CHANGES notes and copied to trunk


19:02 People/ljo edited by ljo
18:59 People/ljo created by ljo
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