22:19 Changeset [1974] by oschonef
- gracefully handle searches without any matches, i.e. responses with …
22:18 Changeset [1973] by oschonef
- add CLARIN FCS record schema identifier constant
21:50 Changeset [1972] by oschonef
- work-in-progress - add handler for extraResponseData - add …
20:53 Changeset [1971] by oschonef
- work-in-progress - fix breakage from last commit - add request …
14:01 ClarinHelpdesk/q8 created by dietuyt
14:00 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt
13:59 Changeset [1970] by oschonef
- work-in-progress (currently broken)
09:52 Changeset [1969] by oschonef
- commit current work-in-progress - handle fatal diagnostics - …
09:50 Changeset [1968] by oschonef
- obey request recordPacking when serializing surrogate diagnostic
09:30 Changeset [1967] by twagoo
Fixed namespace in schemaLocation of collection root CMDI


12:05 SoftwareDevelopment/Archive/XML database for CMDI created by dietuyt
12:05 Archive/ExampleFiles edited by dietuyt
12:05 Archive/ExampleFiles edited by dietuyt
12:05 Archive/ExampleFiles edited by dietuyt
11:42 Ticket #207 (reset password not always working) created by dietuyt
Some users report that the password reset for clarin.eu/internal does …


13:09 Changeset [1966] by oschonef
- clean up whitespace
13:02 Changeset [1965] by oschonef
- some attempt in fixing namespaces while buffering records
07:19 Ticket #191 (Fix 'choose a type' dialog) reopened by twagoo
Simple value type dropdown does not get correct selection after …


10:33 Changeset [1964] by teckart
Removed useless default string


13:09 People/stranak created by stranak


18:53 Changeset [1963] by oschonef
- import sources
18:50 Changeset [1962] by oschonef
- initial project structure
06:57 Ticket #206 (Independent editing of component 'name' and name of root CMD_Component) created by twagoo
(See #200) The Header/Name? element of a component specification is …


11:59 Ticket #205 (url too long) created by gerpla
http://www.clarin.eu/vlo-feedback-form?url=http%3A%2F%2Fcatalog.clarin. …
11:57 Ticket #204 (2.9 install error) created by gerpla
change in vlo_solr_importer.sh 2.7 to 2.9
11:11 Changeset [1961] by herste
upped to new version
08:01 Changeset [1960] by herste
fixed the problem with the XML Parser


13:15 Ticket #203 (2.8 deploy errors and issues to be resolved before official release) created by gerpla
Fix one time use only deploy-script to multiple reconfigure options …
12:09 Changeset [1959] by herste
some things to keep Gert happy
11:50 Changeset [1958] by herste
some testing and minor fixes. issue 86 now resolved


21:23 Changeset [1957] by oschonef
- make numberOfRecords and maximumRecords a configuration option and …
18:29 Changeset [1956] by oschonef
- cleanup whitespace
18:24 Changeset [1955] by oschonef
- prepare for output indenting support (disabled for now)
12:01 People edited by dietuyt
08:02 Changeset [1954] by twagoo
Fixed a change update in CMDSpec and added change response for …
07:08 Changeset [1953] by herste
prevent spring issues in the future


23:50 Changeset [1952] by oschonef
- fix extra request data name check
17:15 Changeset [1951] by oschonef
- fix broken over-long result set detection
17:00 Changeset [1950] by oschonef
- slightly change logging message
15:39 Changeset [1949] by twagoo
Fixed implementation of #202: - when new …
15:08 Changeset [1948] by twagoo
Added #201 and #202 to CHANGES
15:06 Changeset [1947] by twagoo
Spring configuration in main: schema location in spring config refers …
15:05 Ticket #201 (Create/edit buttons in browser) closed by twagoo
fixed: Fixed in [1942:1943]. See also #202
15:03 Ticket #202 (Warn when discarding changes in editor) closed by twagoo
fixed: Fixed in r1946
15:03 Changeset [1946] by twagoo
Track changes in specs being edited and show confirm dialog if there …
14:46 Ticket #202 (Warn when discarding changes in editor) created by twagoo
Show a confirmation dialog when sending a new component to the editor …
14:23 Changeset [1945] by herste
attempt at ticket numer 86
13:40 Changeset [1944] by twagoo
Test packages: schema location in spring config refers to classpath, …
12:17 Changeset [1943] by twagoo
Moved workspace select button outside BrowserOverviewList? component, …
11:44 Changeset [1942] by twagoo
Added create/edit buttons to components browser. Changed labels of …
09:46 Ticket #201 (Create/edit buttons in browser) created by twagoo
One of the main functionalities of the component editor (edit existing …


15:28 Changeset [1941] by herste
quickly added some cashing for the component registry queries.
15:07 People edited by dietuyt
15:07 People edited by dietuyt
12:49 Ticket #200 (facet for CMDI profile) created by dietuyt
Would be nice to have a facet showing the name of the CMDI profile …
12:43 Ticket #199 (hapax filter) created by dietuyt
Lots of facet values (e.g. …


15:14 Ticket #198 (simplify event type and theming) created by dietuyt
sanitize the overcomplicated event node type See eg the ad-hoc …
13:35 Changeset [1940] by herste
added comment, will fix later
12:41 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt
12:15 Changeset [1939] by herste
removed some malicious whitespace
11:56 Archive/ExampleFiles edited by dietuyt
11:45 Changeset [1938] by herste
nieuwe dingus
08:16 Ticket #196 (drupal core update needed) closed by dietuyt
fixed: Drupal core updated to latest release (6.26), this should solve the …
07:51 Changeset [1937] by herste
made the test-cases for the work of yesterday


16:06 EAF_Annotation_Format.pdf attached to Archive/ExampleFiles by hsloetjes
EAF Documentation
13:35 Changeset [1936] by herste
started adding type of thing described code, based on the cmdi profile used
12:59 WikiStart edited by gerpla
11:13 Archive/ExampleFiles edited by herrner
11:08 elan-example3_reduced_TEI.xml attached to Archive/ExampleFiles by herrner
TEI file as generated automatically by TEI-Drop using HIAT-segmentation.
11:07 elan-example3_reduced.eaf attached to Archive/ExampleFiles by herrner
Same file as the original with only the first two tiers and assignment …
09:35 Archive/ExampleFiles edited by dietuyt
09:35 elan-example3.eaf attached to Archive/ExampleFiles by dietuyt
09:34 Archive/ExampleFiles created by dietuyt
09:31 WikiStart edited by dietuyt


14:27 People/vesaakerman edited by vesaakerman
14:26 People/vesaakerman edited by vesaakerman
14:25 People/vesaakerman edited by vesaakerman
14:19 People/vesaakerman created by vesaakerman
08:37 Ticket #191 (Fix 'choose a type' dialog) closed by twagoo
fixed: Fixed in r1934 and r1935.
08:37 Changeset [1935] by twagoo
Updated CHANGES with fix of #191
08:30 Changeset [1934] by twagoo
Fixes #191 - Added tab navigator to ValueSchemaPopUp?, …


12:21 Ticket #197 (Storing the ComponentProfile in Solr) created by teckart
Possible Solr facet: _componentProfile


13:56 Changeset [1933] by twagoo
Merged fix in create script r1932 with 1.11.x releases
13:54 Changeset [1932] by twagoo
Fixed error in SQL create script
13:50 Ticket #187 (The CMDI profiles of the individual centers do not validate) reopened by akislev
The CMDIs still do not validate: cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Invalid …


15:26 Ticket #196 (drupal core update needed) created by Dieter Van Uytvanck
The webform module is generating the following error when adding …
13:42 People/cdraxler edited by reichelu
13:41 People/cdraxler created by reichelu
13:40 People edited by reichelu
13:17 Ticket #195 (clear webservice facet) created by dietuyt
Right now it is not always clear where to find CLARIN web services. …
11:57 FederatedSearch edited by vronk
10:33 People edited by dietuyt
07:56 CmdiNews edited by dietuyt


16:02 Changeset [1931] by oschonef
- dedicated schema for KWIC results in FCS with a proper namespace
16:00 Changeset [1930] by oschonef
- added proper "elementFormDefault" attribute - dropped "schema" …
15:29 Ticket #194 (convert LRT tools inventory to CMDI and insert records in VLO) created by dietuyt
Right now the LRT tools inventory: * http://lrt.clarin.eu/view_tools
14:31 Ticket #177 (MULCE archive OLAC mapping) closed by dietuyt
14:21 Changeset [1929] by larlam
Updated id_to_name.xml to match new provider list and its counterpart …
12:20 Changeset [1928] by herste
added script to set values. Upped version number
11:42 Ticket #193 (Without a selected facet, the resources take a long time to load) created by dietuyt
When accessing any of the first 10 metadata links in …
08:34 People edited by dietuyt
08:12 People edited by dietuyt
08:12 People edited by dietuyt
08:11 People/Archive/jeafer created by dietuyt
08:09 People edited by dietuyt
08:00 People edited by dietuyt
07:55 People edited by dietuyt
07:30 Changeset [1927] by herste
some changes to the deploy structure, and a new readme for installing


13:03 Communication edited by dietuyt
12:10 Ticket #183 (remove CMDI envelope of xml center list) closed by dietuyt
12:05 Ticket #192 (assessment field missing in HTML center view) created by dietuyt
Although assessment shows up in …
09:46 ClarinHelpdesk/q7 created by dietuyt
09:45 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt
07:36 ClarinHelpdesk/q6 created by dietuyt
07:36 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt
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