Virtual meeting on VLO planning 2018-05-03

  • What?
    • VLO planning meeting
  • Who?
    • Wolfgang, Thomas, Can, Matej, Menzo, Twan
  • When?
    • 3 May 2018, 14.00 - 16.00 CET (on basis of doodle)
  • Where?



  • VLO 4.4
  • EOSC-hub roadmap
  • Value mapping
    • Mapping definitions
    • Curation workflow
      • Updating mappings based on VLO values - tooling (see #1056)
  • Curation module
    • URL checking
  • Planning


  • TODO Add issue for more flexible facet definition or at least document (facet flexibility/extensibility)
  • EOSC-hub deployment: undecided, we may not get a server
  • Curation module
    • Can & Wolfgang will work on this
    • Schema validation was not reflected in score, now fixed
      • Will be next available next week on main instance.
    • Curation module does not apply value mapping
    • URL checking
      • 2h for 1 collection
      • Plan to do parallel run with relatively small sample per collection to assess time
      • Then start full run over the entire set
      • Output file will keep detailed information on URL checks (response, time, mimetype reported by server (content type header))
      • How to make information accessible? e.g. put into database or index for further analysis; summarise into a single table with metrics per collection.
      • First baseline results we can show in Utrecht
      • Q: How to include in overall process?
        • weekly curation module check
        • URL checking runs separately, cannot be integrated simultaneously
  • TODO Make issue(s) for migrating uniform maps and other post-processors to value mapping
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