16:24 ClarinHelpdesk/q10 created by dietuyt
16:24 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt
11:54 Changeset [2379] by mwindhouwer
M dc_check.xsl - check that a simple DC is a member of a profile …
09:48 Ticket #254 (list of web services errors) created by dietuyt
https://centerregistry-clarin.esc.rzg.mpg.de/webservices/ has several …
09:45 Ticket #253 (wrong link at "list of centers contact") created by dietuyt
The list of centers contact returns a 500 error, eg: …
09:38 Ticket #252 (layout center contacts) created by dietuyt
In the center contacts page: * 'Wedpage' -> 'Webpage' * telephone …
09:35 Ticket #251 (Metadata table column) created by dietuyt
'Webservices and Metadata' column in overview table should be 'Metadata'


10:27 Changeset [2378] by dietuyt
Change test- prefix for handle MdSelfLinks? into @format=cmdi postfix


17:01 FCS-specification edited by dietuyt
added reference to ResourceProxy? SearchService? type (diff)
16:55 Changeset [2377] by dietuyt
Added default ResourceProxy? of type SearchService? that points to MPI's …
14:55 CLARIN-D Aggregator edited by dietuyt
14:07 Changeset [2376] by herste
some more commenting
10:51 Ticket #250 (Instructions for entering pattern for value scheme) created by twagoo
The 'pattern' option in the type dialog in the component editor can be …
10:46 Ticket #249 (Validate concept link URIs) created by twagoo
Concept links should always be valid URIs (not necessarily ISOCat URIs …
10:42 Changeset [2375] by twagoo
Fixed some shibboleth issues


16:31 Changeset [2374] by twagoo
Adapted shibboleth configuration and changed as location to apache …


14:47 Ticket #248 (import records with tutorials from CLARIN-D HUB) created by dietuyt
In CLARIN-D Universität des Saarlandes is working on the HUB: a …
14:10 Changeset [2373] by herste
some comments
10:12 Ticket #247 (add text to report error icon) created by dietuyt
Right now there is just an icon. Users ask to also have some text with …


15:22 Changeset [2372] by twagoo
Made service URL configurable through spring and updated AS port
14:49 Changeset [2371] by twagoo
Combined basic web.xml based auth configuraiton use Tomcat roles with …
11:01 Changeset [2370] by twagoo
Added a servlet that does a request on the secured part of the plate …
06:43 Changeset [2369] by mwindhouwer
mod-ISOcat-interface-rest/representations/dcs2/*: - more work on the …


21:46 Ticket #242 (language links with capitalized letters do not work) closed by herste
21:46 Ticket #197 (Storing the ComponentProfile in Solr) closed by herste
21:45 Ticket #86 (Create make feedback button for a record) closed by herste
21:34 CmdiVirtualLanguageObservatory edited by herste
11:14 Ticket #246 (exclude actor language from language facet) created by dietuyt
Right now all elements that are linked to the data category 2482 …
09:47 Ticket #170 (non-English language names should be ignored) reopened by dietuyt
Of which ticket is this a duplicate? There is an additional problem …
09:20 Ticket #245 (install documentation) created by gerpla
upgrade and other info in the install documentation is missing. It is …
09:05 Ticket #244 (configuration script error) created by gerpla
The script should allow configuration of the proper portnumber for the …


15:58 FederatedSearch edited by olhsha
15:58 FederatedSearch edited by olhsha
14:12 Ticket #243 (add ResourceType searchService to VLO) created by herste
As we discussed in several developer meetings, cmdi files can have a …
14:11 Changeset [2368] by herste
added a some resourceType=SearchService? parsing, not in solr document yet
10:53 Changeset [2367] by herste
nu versie 2.11
10:52 Changeset [2366] by twagoo
Updated dependencies so that the project is ready to use …
09:23 Changeset [2365] by twagoo
Created branch for OAuth2 delegation demo in which Component Registry …


12:00 People/Archive/keeloo edited by keeloo


18:18 People/Archive/keeloo created by keeloo
18:18 People edited by keeloo
12:55 Changeset [2364] by vronk
initial check in of the code for graph-based browsing of cmd components
11:03 Ticket #170 (non-English language names should be ignored) closed by teckart
11:02 Ticket #127 (Cleanup of facets) closed by teckart
10:52 Ticket #231 (support for multilingual fields) closed by teckart
10:28 Ticket #76 (Deprecated language codes mapping) closed by teckart


18:55 Changeset [2363] by sanmai
* Change URL to check in check_lat_imdi.py to a craftier one (as per …
14:10 Changeset [2362] by sanmai
* Try to fix absolute URL svn:externals to relative svn:externals. The …
10:54 Changeset [2361] by herste
fixed the test to work with the changed facet xpaths and postprocessing


13:29 Changeset [2360] by mwindhouwer
mod-ISOcat-interface-gi/interface/JSXAPPS/ISOcat/xsl/CDF2DC.xsl - …
13:21 Changeset [2359] by mwindhouwer
mod-ISOcat-interface-rest/representations/dcs2/*: - added SKOS RDF as …
12:53 FCS-Agenda edited by herste
11:01 Changeset [2358] by kisler
Adding the new information of the real BAS server


16:43 Changeset [2357] by olhsha
making a link for the component-registry documentation (help), see …
16:38 Changeset [2356] by olhsha
re-positioning buttons around the link to help, making the link via …
16:37 Changeset [2355] by olhsha
making a link for the component-registry documentation (help), see …
09:15 Changeset [2354] by teckart
Added toLowerCase() to prohibit broken ISO639-3 links (ticket #242)
08:57 Ticket #229 (map WebServiceName datcat to name facet) closed by teckart
08:44 Changeset [2353] by teckart
Added postprocessing with LanguageCodePostProcessor? (due to ticket #226)
08:41 Ticket #226 (on import of language/countre code mapping, remove (.*)) closed by teckart
fixed: Fixed in trunk (r2352)
08:40 Changeset [2352] by teckart
Remove trailing values " ([a-zA-Z]+)" at import of CMDI mapping files …
08:38 Ticket #230 (map DC purl ConceptLink to facets) closed by teckart
fixed: Fixed in trunk (r2350)
08:37 Changeset [2351] by teckart
Added new field for link to content search endpoint (FCS)
08:35 Changeset [2350] by teckart
Added two DC terms as concept links
08:23 Changeset [2349] by teckart
Added "Leipzig Corpora Collection" as CollectionDisplayName? to …


13:53 ClarinHelpdesk/q9 edited by dietuyt
added answer (diff)
09:30 Changeset [2348] by twagoo
Updated branch with changes in trunk Fixes #223
08:58 Ticket #223 (Components get expanded on save) closed by twagoo
fixed: Fixed in r2347
08:57 Changeset [2347] by twagoo
Recursion check now happens on copy of spec so that original spec …


09:54 Ticket #220 (Smaller design issues with VLO 2.10) closed by teckart
fixed: Fixed in trunk (r2342, r2344, r2346)
09:50 Changeset [2346] by teckart
Change position and look of feedback link ("report an error")
09:06 Changeset [2345] by teckart
Minor cleanup
09:03 Changeset [2344] by teckart
-Added more horizontal spacing (ticket #220) -Minor refactoring


17:42 Changeset [2343] by mwindhouwer
M WSViewer.js - deselect the previously selected folder when a …
12:33 ClarinHelpdesk/q9 edited by dietuyt
12:31 ClarinHelpdesk/q9 created by dietuyt
12:31 ClarinHelpdesk edited by dietuyt


15:49 Ticket #180 (RSS feed for components, profiles and comments) reopened by olhsha
in principle fixed, but yet to be testes on lux 16 (already there) and …
15:47 Ticket #50 (get existing fileName attribute out of components/profiles) reopened by olhsha
15:42 Ticket #50 (get existing fileName attribute out of components/profiles) closed by olhsha
15:41 Ticket #180 (RSS feed for components, profiles and comments) closed by olhsha
12:51 Changeset [2342] by teckart
More uniformity at previous/next links (ticket #220)
09:21 People/jergee edited by jergee
09:20 People/jergee created by jergee
08:59 Ticket #242 (language links with capitalized letters do not work) created by jergee
Clicking a language in a result may end up in a dead link. This …


11:39 Changeset [2341] by jmisutka
Charles University expired key replacement


13:54 ComponentRegistryRest edited by olhsha
12:47 Ticket #219 (encoding issue (VLO 2.10)) closed by teckart
fixed: Was a problem with the Tomcat configuration: needed parameter …
11:18 Changeset [2340] by mwindhouwer
M Password.xml - fixed typos
08:59 Ticket #241 (Component documentation) created by mwindhouwer
The CMD schema currently only allows documentation of elements. It …
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