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CMDI 1.2

This page and its subpages form a proposal and 'working document' for the upcoming version of CMDI 1.2. They are primarily meant as a tool for discussion and a means to reach consensus among the members of the CMDI taskforce on the set of changes and additions that will be applied to CMDI and will lead to this new version.

An up-to-date overview of the current status of the topics and discussion is being kept in a Google Docs spreadsheet document.

The executive summary describing the changes as decided upon by the task force and approved by the centre committee in April 2014 is available at

A full specification for CMDI 1.2 is planned and will be worked on at CMDI 1.2/Specification.

Working on the CMDI 1.2 pages

CMDI taskforce members are requested to review and comment on these pages. Discussion can take place in the discussion sections on the pages itself (generally at the bottom of the page; if no such section happens to exist, feel free to create one). You may need to make yourself aquainted with the basics of WikiFormatting. Don't hesitate to ask for help!

Individual topics and sub-topics can be discussed in the topic pages listed below. Once a concrete change or feature has been decided on (at least functionally), a ticket should be created on the CMDI 1.2 milestone with the appropriate component and keywords assigned. The tickets allow for further technical discussion and can ultimately be assigned to the person responsible for the actual implementation. More high-level discussion can be carried out in dedicated sections of the (sub)topic pages. In the initial phase (see Decision making process) the focus should be on discussion (i.e. posting your remarks and additions).

Menzo? and Twan? are the principal responsibles for these pages, so if you have questions or remarks, please contact them.

BTW, if you are not a member of the CMDI taskforce but feel like contributing, you may want to consider joining the taskforce. Please contact Twan, Menzo or Dieter about this!


CMDI 1.2 workflow topics:

CMDI 1.2 model topics:

See below for recent changes to these pages and their subpages.

See excluded topics for a list of topics that are outside the scope of CMDI 1.2.


All tickets in the CMDI 1.2 milestone:

Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Status
#139 addition of an importance attribute Dieter Van Uytvanck ComponentSchema minor closed
#146 Add a status field (development, production, deprecated) Dieter Van Uytvanck ComponentSchema major closed
#235 Implement conversion from CMDI 1.1 to 1.2 Dieter Van Uytvanck ComponentSchema major closed
#236 Namespace prefixes for generic CMDI attributes (and possibly elements) Dieter Van Uytvanck ComponentSchema major closed
#274 Minimal occurences for attributes Dieter Van Uytvanck ComponentSchema major closed
#369 Add support for open and closed vocabularies in component specifications and instances Dieter Van Uytvanck ComponentSchema major closed
#403 Make MdProfile mandatory Dieter Van Uytvanck ComponentSchema major closed
#491 Undefined type of RelationType creates a hole that can contain any XML Dieter Van Uytvanck ComponentSchema major closed

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